Midnight in Paris

PG-13 for shrill fiancée, boorish future in-laws, shameless name-dropping


I don’t use the word genius lightly.

Okay, sometimes I use the word lightly. I use it to describe football coaches, ad campaigns, baby facial expressions, and people who are pretty good at physics.

But here’s someone who merits the word: Woody Allen. Neurotic comic, sexual predator, and, yes, genius.

And here’s why: he makes Owen Wilson look too good for Rachel McAdams.

Rachel McAdams is adorable. Nobody is too good for Rachel McAdams, except – paradoxically – Rachel McAdams herself. Owen Wilson is an admittedly likable dude with a crooked nose. He’s lucky to get Rachel McAdams in any movie. And yet… with a genius at work, anything is possible. Next up: making Jesse Eisenberg look too good for Scarlett Johansson.

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