The Help

PG-13 for tenuous Southern accents, black actresses saying “mmhmm,” provocative suggestion that Mississippi was not always the citadel of racial harmony that it is today


If you’re anything like me, then not only do you love biscuits, but you’re sick of films about racism all being set in the past. What makes Hollywood think that prejudice ended in 1966?

On the other hand, you’re not eager for films about racism in the present, either. That’s just depressing. If you wanted modern racism, you’d move to Arizona, or watch certain top-rated cable news channels (I’m looking at you, MSNBC).

Instead, you endorse a third alternative: films about the future of racism.

Just imagine: the brutal oppression of the poor Vietna-Germans, the xenophobic rage against speakers of New Spanglish, the hypocritical laws requiring blacks and whites to use separate holographic time-portals.

You’re not saying it would be any less depressing. You’re just saying that time-portal segregation isn’t getting nearly enough press.

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