Apollo 18

PG-13 for trembling cameraman, torso infections, baseless libel against the excellence of the moon


I am sick and tired of movies like this trying to convince me I don’t want to go to the moon.

“It’s dangerous,” these films say. “There are evil robots there,” they say. “You might catch space-madness from a space-monster,” they say.

Well, here’s what I say: bring it on. Your Blair-Witch magic holds no power over me.  The Descent may have made me abandon spelunking, and The Village may have persuaded me never to trust a sociologist, but my love of the moon will not fall prey to your cheap theatrics. I’m going to the moon, dammit, and I’m bringing a basketball hoop, and I’m using the low gravity to dunk. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me, unless you play a mean half-court defense. Or cut all funding to manned spaceflight.

Puzzle of the Day: What would it take to dissuade you from going to the moon?

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