Dolphin Tale

PG for inspirational dolphin, child who just needs something to believe in, blinding earnestness

It’s sad to see Winter the Dolphin making such an early career mistake. She signs on to play herself in this film – which will be delightful, I’m sure – but before she knows it, she’ll become typecast as “plucky child-befriending dolphin,” and never get a shot at juicy roles like “stuck-up mean-girl dolphin” or “seductress Bond villain dolphin” or even “brooding gun-for-hire dolphin with a murky criminal past.”

EDIT, 9/2/11: I wrote the following paragraphs before being pointed to this rumor, which casts them in a whole new creepy light. I, for one, will never feel safe or innocent again; click the link at your own risk.


On the other hand, it’s charming to see Morgan Freeman apparently turning over his script choices entirely to his grandchildren. “Star in the one with the dolphin, grandpa!” you can picture them saying, as they cast aside a stack of other scripts. “Be the dolphin doctor! No more boring rugby movies! And when are you going to be in Batman again?”

Puzzle of the Day: If you were Morgan Freeman’s grandchild, what movies would you tell him to star in? Also, how awesome would that be?

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