I Don’t Know How She Does It

PG-13 for the Scylla of careerism, the Charybdis of careerlessness, the eerie traces of too much plastic surgery


With the recent glut of films about how difficult it is for the modern woman to balance the demands of a fulfilling career and an impossibly telegenic family, I’m looking forward to Hollywood exploring the other trade-offs of contemporary life:

  • Being improbably handsome vs. Having the literary circles take your genre fiction seriously
  • Making time for family vs. Making time for nude flash mobs
  • Life of glamour and adventure vs. Achieving appropriate mix of stocks and bonds in a well-balanced portfolio
  • Accidentally consuming bear tranquilizer vs. Hosting the Oscars
  • Marrying for love vs. Marrying for short-term political gain
  • Finding the right retirement home for you vs. Setting off a firework in an alligator’s mouth

1 thought on “I Don’t Know How She Does It

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