Jack and Jill

PG-13 for female Adam Sandler, male Adam Sandler, dispiriting sense that you’ve seen this all before


Watching this trailer made me feel sad.

It’s not a terrible sadness. I’m not sad about the whole world. It’s not a grandstanding, rhetorical, “This cinematic abomination makes me grieve for the nadir our culture has reached” sort of sadness. I’m not that sad.

It’s just that when Adam Sandler does his girl voice, I feel a little sad.

Maybe this movie will make other people happy. Maybe you think it’s funny when a pony falls down because a lady sat on it. I don’t know how your mind works, and I don’t judge you for it, any more than I’d judge you for being a foot fetishist or a Packers fan. I have nothing against you, or Adam Sandler, or Katie Holmes, or anybody. It’s just that this trailer is bumming me out.

1 thought on “Jack and Jill

  1. I feel like as a general rule, Adam Sandler movies are depressing. Not because of their plot, but because he actually used to be funny. Now…not so much.

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