PG-13 for violating separation between Church and Hollywood


Whoa there, Christians.

Haven’t you been paying attention? If you want to make a film about religion, you have the following options:

  1. Disguise it as a horrifically bloody period piece
  2. Sneak it in the back door through the Young Adult Fantasy genre
  3. Really sneak it in the back door through the Young Adult Fantasy genre
  4. Make it 50 years ago

And that’s it. There is no Door #5. You play by these rules, or you make the same Satanic drivel as everybody else, so we can keep munching fistfuls of popcorn while the culture slouches onward into a 24/7 melee of obesity and televised sex.

We’re sick of your lectures, Christians. “Be a good father.” “Drug addiction is harmful.” “Don’t kill people for sport.”

Did you ever stop to think that maybe we like being dysfunctional? That we enjoy being slaves to our overgrown appetites, and quietly alienating the people closest to us?

So back off, Christians, or watch as our mindless consumerism and violent sexual impulses grow even more powerful.

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