The Ides of March

R for backstabbing, demagoguery, insinuation that American elections are not the sportsmanlike contests they appear to be


As director and co-star, Clooney takes the American political system to task for its most glaring flaw – lack of handsomeness.

Sure, John Edwards was a decent-looking guy, but see how that turned out? Bush is cute in a monkey-ish way; Obama’s got an “athletic dad” thing going; Clinton pulled off the smarmy red-nosed look.

But there’s not a Clooney or a Gosling among them.

And this is Clooney’s point: We need to set our sights higher. No more presidents with weird chins, or big mouths, or a lack of sexy stubble. This is America, and we deserve politicians who are not merely telegenic, but frighteningly handsome. Leaders whose handsomeness makes young girls sigh and grown men weep. Clooney 2012! Gosling 2028!

(Also, if you watch the trailer carefully, there’s some sort of B-plot about corruption and backroom dealing. To get people into the seats, I guess.)

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