The Big Year

PG-13 for explicit Steve Martin, graphic Owen Wilson, adult Jack Black themes


It’s Trivia Time! Did you know…

  • This is a movie about birdwatching?
  • It is based on a book about birdwatching?
  • The competition the three stars are engaged in is not over who can get kill the other with a car, or who can get Rashida Jones’ number, but who can see the most species of birds in a year?
  • No, seriously, did you get all that from the trailer?
  • Or did you think that “The Big Year” was a competition to see who could suffer pratfalls in the widest variety of climates?
  • Am I the only one saying, “But I thought that weird ‘bird fallout’ joke was just a zany Jack Black non sequitur”?

And this leaves the biggest question of all: Why would a big-budget, star-studded comedy want to conceal the fact that it is based on a nonfiction book about three men and their passion for birds?

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