Puss in Boots

PG for feline swashbuckling, hairball jokes, seamless integration of stereotypes about Hispanics with stereotypes about cats

Release Date: October 28, 2011


Every so often, a great film emerges from an unexpected genre – a spinoff, a spoof, a children’s movie that, by some cinematic alchemy, has pathos and lasting power. When a screenplay sizzles, and a cast gels, and a director finds wit and heart in every scene, then an otherwise forgettable flick can become something special – even magical.

Obviously, Puss in Boots is not this film.

No. Puss in Boots is a calculated money grab, an imperial colony of the conquest-bent Shrek franchise. I would not be surprised if, during the opening credits, Antonio Banderas literally reaches out and pulls $10.50 from your pocket ($14 for 3D screenings). This is not a movie; it is a talking cat with a funny accent, a high-budget YouTube video.

I’ll be going opening weekend; care to join?

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