The Double

PG-13 for cat-and-mouse intrigue, flipping cars, the further re-purposing of young comedians as dubious action heroes

Release Date: October 28, 2011


This is more than just the most spoiler-filled trailer of all time.

It takes spoilers to new heights. It will spoil for you not only this film, but any dairy products within a 30-foot radius of your computer screen. It will spoil you like the child of a British aristocrat, or like the Orioles did to the Red Sox (too soon, Boston?).

In fact, this may cross the line past spoiler, into being a little movie with a satisfying twist in its own right. After seeing this trailer, you could probably spoil The Double for people who have seen the actual film. You could show this trailer to Topher Grace and Richard Gere themselves, and they would say, “Aw, why did you show me that? I wanted to see that movie!”

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