The Descendents

R for quirk, awkward charm, grim fact that if George Clooney can be cuckolded, anybody can be cuckolded

Release Date: November 18, 2011


Listen carefully, past the adorable pitter-patter of George Clooney’s frantic feet, and you’ll hear the Oscar buzz.

The bloodsucking Oscar insects are very much abuzz about George Clooney, and not because of his high-profile political thriller Ides of March. Instead, they’re beating their little mosquito wings about this role: a cuckolded dad in a quirky indie comedy.

And maybe, for once, the Oscar insects have a point. Is it just me, or does watching George Clooney running down the street in loafers feel like the high-stakes storytelling that’s been lacking in your life? If this is our culture saying that we’re fed up with ominous political prophesies and in the mood for an offbeat comedy set in Hawaii, then hey, that’s a zeitgeist I can get behind.

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