A Dangerous Method

R for primal urges, crackpot theories, cigars that are sometimes more than just cigars

Release Date: November 23, 2011


As a former psychology major, I have mixed feelings about this movie. On the one hand, I want to see it. On the other, I have a repressed desire to kill my father.

And as a current high school psychology teacher, the question is how am I going to tell my class about this movie? And the answer is, I won’t. Not so much because this is historically inaccurate, as because their taste in movies tends away from intellectual history, and more towards giant robots crawling out of the moon.

Also, remember when pining after Keira Knightley was a totally charming thing to do? Well, now it’s all tangled up with Oedipal desires and sadomasochism, like some kind of psychotic complex. Leave it to Freud to ruin Keira Knightley.

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