PG for brutal violence, drug trafficking, and… wait, Scorcese is making a family movie?

Release Date: November 23, 2011

Here’s a game: I’ll say some words, and you try to hold them in your head all at once.

  • Martin Scorcese.
  • 3-D family film.

Okay, I lose. Let’s try another round.

  • Sweetly told holiday story about Parisian orphan.
  • Artistic and visually arresting use of 3-D technology.
  • Highly-anticipated family film.
  • Martin Scorcese.

Ugh, I lose again. Couldn’t keep track of all that. Let’s play one more round.

  • Martin Scorcese.
  • Rated PG.

Crap. My skull only has so much space for contradictory ideas. Anybody else having trouble holding this in your brain all at once?


One thought on “Hugo

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