Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

PG-13 for improbable stunts, logic-defying plot twists, and action sequences that border on – dare we say it? – impossible

Release Date: December 16

On the one hand: an aging franchise, a title evidently drawn from Ghostbusters fanfiction, and a 49-year-old Scientologist still masquerading as an action star.

On the other: director Brad Bird, best known for The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

The final verdict? You can be the judge, but I’m more inclined to believe that Cruise has done something right than that a Pixar director has done something wrong.

Also in its favor is that, judging by the trailer, Ghost Protocol addresses a question at the heart of modern life: Can Humans and Buildings coexist peaceably? No, says Ghost Protocol, not so much. Whether humans are smashing buildings window by window, or blowing them up all at once; whether they’re crawling along the outside, or sneaking inside by putting on sunglasses; there can be no peace between these two ancient antagonists.

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