We Bought a Zoo

PG for unironic discussion of “heart” as something more than a circulatory organ

Release Date: December 23, 2011


Sometimes, the answers to all your questions are right there in the title.

Will Matt Damon play a single father just trying to do right by his kids? Will everyone doubt him? And will it all work out in the end, in a heartwarming scene that may or may not involve a grizzly bear?

Yes. It’s called We Bought a Zoo.

Will Matt Damon have a precocious, cute-as-a-button daughter? Will he also have a surly 13-year-old son who keeps bitching that he never asked to buy a stupid zoo in the first place? And will they eventually be able to hug out their problems, just as the music swells?

Yes, yes, and yes. Source: It’s called We Bought a Zoo.

Will Matt Damon’s lack of zoo maintenance knowledge play out to humorous effect? Will the zoo staff at first resist their new owner, but gradually be won over by his sincerity and single-dad good looks? Will Matt Damon exchange meaningful eye contact with a tiger and/or Scarlett Johansson?¬†Will anyone, at any point, say the sentence, “I like the animals, but I love the humans”?

Yes. Ibid.

And most importantly, will it be a classy family film? Yes, of course. Didn’t you read the title? Director Cameron Crowe seems to have discovered an underground pocket of raw earnestness that has gone undisturbed since the 1990s, and he’s milking it for everything it’s worth.

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