Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

PG-13 for national traumas, fatherless children in search of meaning, rock puns

Release Date: December 25, 2011


What if September 11th had stolen from you the thing you loved most: your dad, Tom Hanks?

Would you cry your eyes out? Give up on life? Invade Iraq? Or would you befriend a mute homeless man and wander the streets of New York City, wielding a mysterious key that your dad Tom Hanks left behind, as if that key is a metaphor for redemption, until your journeys lead you to the realization that you yourself are the metaphor?

A lot of people have asked if the country is ready for a film about the aftermath of September 11th. Other, snarkier people have replied that the country certainly isn’t ready for a bad¬†film about September 11th. But the real question is whether America is ready to see Tom Hanks shacking up with Sandra Bullock, rather than his ’90s soul mate Meg Ryan. I leave this question for you to decide – after all, Tom Hanks is your dad, remember?

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