In the Land of Blood and Honey

R for love, war, massive genocide that you’d totally forgotten about until Angelina Jolie reminded you

Release Date: December 23, 2011


We get it, Angelina. You’re better than us.

You should be easy to mock, with your past role as a video game character, and your Cheshire cat-sized mouth, and the fact that you stole Jennifer Aniston’s husband.

But then you have to go and do humanitarian work with the UN, and found charities, and raise six children who were born in five countries to four different mothers.

We also recognize, Angelina, that you outrank us on the only true measure of an adult’s intellectual legitimacy: you know more about the Bosnian War than we do. To be fair, most of what we know, we learned from Wikipedia thirty seconds ago, but you weren’t content to beat us by a little. No, you had to go and make a whole movie about the war, because you know more than us about everything – love, and war, and Bosnia, and the intricacies of foreign adoption paperwork.

Well, fine, Angelina. So you’re more famous than us, and richer, and a better person, and a more responsible citizen of the world. Since when does that give you the right to be all high and mighty about it?

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