Joyful Noise

PG-13 for secular music, forbidden romance, a generational conflict in which Dolly Parton somehow winds up on the side of youth and progress

Release Date: January 13, 2011


Joyful Noise┬áis a perfect storm of relevance. It’s got choir singing (just like Glee!), a budget-cut story (just like real life!), a rendition of “Man in the Mirror” (just like Michael Jackson, RIP!), and relevant young stars like…

Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton?

The movie is just as notable for what it doesn’t have: any whiff or trace of Whoopi Goldberg. Twenty years ago, if you wanted your church choir to win the national competition, you recruited Whoopi Goldberg, end of story. Now, Whoopi doesn’t suffice: you need an interracial, genre-crossing tag team.

Also happily absent from this movie: even the faintest odor of Oscar pretensions. We’ve finally made it to January, past the suffocating parade of awards contenders, and while the media will continue babbling idly about the Oscars for weeks to come, the actual movie theaters that you and I go to will quickly fill up with pleasant post-Oscar sludge. Like Joyful Noise.

Ah, pleasant sludge, how we missed you.

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