R for high kicks, lady spies, villains who don’t seem to realize that asking “Is the divorce final?” instead of “Did you kill her?” does not fully disguise the nature of your communication

Release Date: January 20, 2012


Hard to fathom, but some people still don’t believe that Hollywood gives men and women an equal chance.

Well, after seeing this trailer – for yet another action film targeted at men, starring an attractive woman with a background in Mixed Martial Arts, who is billed below several better-known male actors despite being the ostensible protagonist – will the doubters change their tune?

Just a hunch, but I’d say no.

As you might expect from a thinly disguised Bourne ripoff, Haywire does little to alter the basic chemical formula of the action film, which involves stacking your cast with charismatic male actors, throwing in a token hot female, and making Michael Douglass the president.

But director Steven Soderbergh may switch up that formula with his next film: Magic Mike, about Channing Tatum’s real-life career as a male stripper. Sure, the cast list still features famous males above token hot females, but the premise will at least make all the men in the audience really uncomfortable. And that’s how all social change begins, right?

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