One for the Money

PG-13 for Jersey low-lifes, elderly people wielding handguns, the totally non-sexual handcuffing of Katherine Heigl to a shower rod

Release Date: January 27, 2012


If you’ve always thought Katherine Heigl’s performances were missing something – and that something was an intermittent New Jersey accent – then I’m happy to say that this is your film. And I’m sad to say that your condition has no cure.

Stephanie Plum – Heigl’s character – is the star of a mystery series by Janet Evanovich that stands at eighteen novels and counting. Charmingly, each novel’s title spells out its number in the series: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, and so on, although the cleverness runs dry after Twelve Sharp. Most recently, we have Explosive Eighteen, showing the alliterative wit that fifth graders everywhere aspire to.

All of which means that if the film series takes off, Katherine Heigl will have starring roles well into her 50s. Unless, of course, they decide to turn Stephanie Plum into the next James Bond franchise, recasting the role every few films, and leaving future generations to debate which star had the most grating Jersey accent.

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