Big Miracle

PG for heartwarming whales, blood-freezing temperatures, poignant reminder that Alaska was once a place where people came together for reasons other than to foist Sarah Palin upon the mainland

Release Date: February 3, 2012


In this cynical age – this era of corporate cronyism, and foreign wars, and The Office staggering on zombie-like without Steve Carell – do you find yourself looking for something to believe in?

It’s 2012, and as the world draws to a close, we humans grow nostalgic. We’re nostalgic for the frontier, for the days when adventure was abundant but comfort was scarce, and it cost a lot of money to ship avocados. We’re nostalgic for the Cold War, when our adversary was clear, but occasionally our adversary would help us save some whales, which it’s hard to imagine Al Qaeda ever doing.  We’re nostalgic for the early years of Jim and Pam, before their will-they-won’t-they romance fossilized into a dull suburban marriage, symbolizing a generation’s collective slide from hopeful youth to pedestrian adulthood. And we’re nostalgic for the last children’s movie about rescuing a marine mammal – because what has it been, six months?

Well, humans, I give you Big Miracle. May your nostalgic hearts feast.

2 thoughts on “Big Miracle

  1. The advertisement of Sofia Vergara shaking her tatas about for a sugary beverage seems oddly apt to appear at the end of this post. Keep up the good work, Sofia!

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