The Vow

PG-13 for lovelorn glances, head traumas with plot-convenient symptoms, attractive actors making out unapologetically beneath archways

Release Date: February 10, 2012


The premise is simple: Awaking from a coma, Rachel McAdams has forgotten all the cliches of the romance genre.

The promises of undying love, the clumsy voiceovers about “moments,” the sentimental messages spelled out in breakfast food – all of it, gone, wiped away. With no knowledge of The Notebook, and the phrase “meet cute” now foreign to her, McAdams struggles to recover the cliches, one by one – as if for the first time.

Only one man can remind her: costar Channing Tatum. “I will never leave you, Rachel,” he whispers. “I will stand in a tuxedo while a single tear arcs down my cheek. I will lay in bed, my eyes lingering on your photograph, the camera lingering on my shirtless torso. I will kiss you in the rain and the snow and whatever type of precipitation we can feasibly simulate on a movie set, until it all comes back to you.”

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