“Iron Sky” Fills Gaping Hole In My Heart Where Movie About Invading Moon-Nazis Should Go

Not Yet Rated, because not even the MPAA dares pass judgment on a film of such vision and intellect

Release Date: April 4, 2012


After devising the greatest movie premise of the last century, these filmmakers could have been forgiven for resting on their laurels. A movie about Moon-Nazis is a movie about Moon-Nazis, period. To put another ounce of effort into the film is an act of perfectionism.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we may be looking at perfection.

It’sĀ Dr. Strangelove meetsĀ Independence Day, with an Indiana Jones-style German temptress and ample Nazi puns. The president looks like a Sarah Palin knockoff. There’s a swastika-shaped lunar fortress, brainwashed Nazi children, and an arch-villain who speaks in subtitles. If your mind is not throbbing with excitement right now, then there is something emphatically and medically wrong with your mind-throbbing reflex.

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