“Chimpanzee”: Disney Animators Now Obsolete as Animals Begin Anthropomorphizing Themselves

G for orphaned apes, persistent nudity, the crass and successful tugging of heartstrings

Release Date: April 20, 2012


Of all the jobs rendered obsolete by the 21st century economy – singing telegram, Encyclopedia salesman, Pearl Jam member – there is one I would never have guessed: Disney animator.

With Chimpanzee, Disney has managed to cut out the middleman: who needs an animator when the chimpanzees themselves are willing to act out sappy stories of abandonment, redemption, and unlikely friendship? Apparently reality TV has infected every culture on earth, even that of our knuckle-walking cousins. All you have to do is stick a camera in their face, and they will contrive personal dramas for the sake of maximizing their own screen time.

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