“The Five-Year Engagement”: A Ghoulish Comedy Expects Us to Find Humor in the Grim Reality of Life in Michigan

R for anatomically vivid aprons, suspect Billy Joel parodies, and the graphic, uncompromising depiction of Michigan

Release Date: April 27, 2012


Due respect, but I’m not sure where we’re supposed to find the humor in a man leaving the Bay Area for Michigan.¬†It may seem like fun and games to you, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel, but people actually¬†live in Michigan – almost ten million of them, leading lives of quiet desperation, buoyed through the long, cold winter by little more than a good hockey team and the distant hope of auto bailouts.

So go ahead, Segel and Blunt, laugh it up at the Sisyphean struggle of a man who wants nothing more than to exercise his God-given, Geneva Convention-protected right not to live in Michigan. But when conscience drives you mad, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1 thought on ““The Five-Year Engagement”: A Ghoulish Comedy Expects Us to Find Humor in the Grim Reality of Life in Michigan

  1. I live in Ann Arbor and I was excited to see this movie, since so much of it had been filmed here. What a completely innaccurate portrayal of Michigan! Some people actually like living here, myself included. Especially distressing was the depiction of Zingerman’s Deli; it’s constantly voted one of the best delis in the country, and how many other sandwich shops can you name that offer their employees health insurance? Also, the idea that he’d have a hard time getting a job at an upscale restaurant is pretty laughable. Despite being a small city, Ann Arbor has one of the best food scenes in the midwest.

    Also, is the moral of the story, if you pout long enough you won’t have to accept any change and you’ll eventually get what you wanted without making any compromises?

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