“The Avengers” Quiz: How Big a Fan Are You?

PG-13 for quiet, meditative scenes of intimate character drama

Release Date: May 4, 2012


Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Avengers?

1. What do you get when you throw together half a dozen strong-willed action stars and task them with saving the world?

A) A very dysfunctional Cabinet
B) A pretty cool alternative to the UN Security Council
C) A world that probably doesn’t get saved
D) $400 million

2. What is the primary contribution of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson’s character)?

A) Morale-boosting
B) Institutional memory
C) Diversity of perspective on racial and social issues
D) $400 million

3.  What will result from the collision between super-earnest Captain America and snide, cynical Iron Man?

A) A few loose teeth
B) Grudging mutual respect
C) An oddly sensual group hug
D) $400 million

4. Why was Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner’s character) included in the film?

A) Slavish fealty to the comic books
B) As a sop to the crossbow-wielding fan base
C) Because they needed a white dude
D) $400 million

5. How much money will The Avengers make at the box office?

A) $100 million
B) $200 million
C) $300 million
D) A whole freakin’ lot

Results: If you care about how big an Avengers fan you are, then hey, congrats – you’re probably a pretty big Avengers fan. Although turning to Internet quizzes for validation of your hobbies ain’t the healthiest reflex.

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