As the Summer Begins, a Blog Ends

PG-13 for Ugly Cast was born on August 15, 2011, from the ashes an underwhelming summer blockbuster season.

Now, on May 6, 2011, at the dawn of a far more promising summer, it ends.

It’s been an odd journey. I want to say thanks to the family and friends who kept reading, even when my fascination with bad trailers far outstripped theirs. I also offer a tip of my cap to the several thousand random denizens of the internet who stumbled here, searching for War Horse photos, Mission Impossible fanfiction, and whatever mysterious truth you seek when you type “Ryan Gosling ugly” into your Google search bar. May your haphazard presence continue to grace these humble pages. And a special thank-you in advance to whatever anonymous soul grants this site its 10,000th pageview, which should happen sometime later this week.

I have mixed feelings about closing the book on PG-13FUC. Some throwaway posts inexplicably caught fire. (For whatever reason, my mathematical critique of The Lucky One has been read nearly 700 times.) Some of my favorite posts languished unnoticed. I occasionally found inspiration, and more often made do without it. I realized slowly that no matter how much I love reading it, this kind of breezy, snarky pop culture commentary doesn’t quite play to my strengths (or my interests) as a writer. Other projects beckon. It’s time to move on.

This blog will not go anywhere, of course. It will sit right here, a deceased inhabitant of that strange city called the Internet, where the cemetery lies scattered among the streets of the living. And who knows – maybe I’ll swing back occasionally, if only to complete my promised seven-part series of Muppet reviews.

In the meantime, thanks again for reading, and enjoy the movies!


6 thoughts on “As the Summer Begins, a Blog Ends

  1. I’ll miss the posts. I want to thank you for regular blogging, and for consistently being able to make me laugh.

  2. I always looked forward to your reviews, and am sad to see them end. Have fun with your next project, and if it exists in a public way, let me know.

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