The Blog Knight Rises

If there’s one lesson Hollywood teaches us (a dubious premise, to be fair), it’s this: there’s always profit in sequels.

Since our last post in May, this blog has welcomed nearly 7,000 additional visitors. They have come searching freedom, prosperity, a better life for their children. They have come searching “jumping salmon fish” and “los muppets piggy” and “can you trace all cats back to Ernest Hemingway.” (Seriously – somebody got here by typing that into Google. Great question, isn’t it?) We went away, but you kept on coming back, demanding that sequel.

Which is why I’m pleased to announce that PG-13 for Ugly Cast has been sold to Disney.

No, obviously not. (Disney can scarcely afford this blogging behemoth.) Instead, though, you’ll find sporadic posts here – not on our old Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, but at pleasingly random intervals, whenever an especially good or horrendous trailer pops up, and whenever I get around to seeing a movie musical about the French revolution.

So welcome back to you, and welcome back to us. PG-13FUC lives!

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