PG-13 for Ugly Cast is a blog devoted to trailers, movie commentary, and the unrepentant ridiculing of the Motion Picture Association of America. Trailer reviews are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Full-length movie reviews and other columns crop up on intermittent Tuesdays and Thursdays.

My name is Ben Orlin. I’ve worked as a high school math teacher in Oakland, CA since graduating from Yale in 2009, where I edited the Yale Record (America’s Oldest College Humor Magazine) and was head writer for Yale Show ’09. Since then I’ve mostly been busy with, you know, work. But I maintain this blog and I’ve written a few songs with my little sister, like this one:

If you are one of my students in Oakland, stop Googling your teachers and go take some derivatives or something, you prying little devils. If you are someone else, feel free to contact me at [name of the blog, with no punctuation] at gmail dot com.

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