Pop Culture Meccas

The Onion AV Club – The culture-savvy sibling of humor powerhouse The Onion. Witty news bulletins, a teeming multitude of commenters, and episode-by-episode interviews with show-runners for the best comedies on TV.

Metacritic – Like Rotten Tomatoes, but better. Metacritic compiles dozens of reviews for every movie, and through the magic of arbitrarily weighted averages, produces a single number that summarizes each film’s artistic worth. But unlike Rotten Tomatoes, it’s easier to navigate, and it gives the same treatment to TV shows, music, and video games.

NPR’s Monkey See Blog – A dream team of pop culture commentary for the coastal, latte-sipping liberal crowd like me and you. (And I don’t even like lattes.) Captained by the charming Linda Holmes, and home to the wildly adored Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast.

Grantland – A spinoff from ESPN, led by the legendary Bill Simmons and featuring a crack team of witty sports and entertainment writers touching on topics from Curb Your Enthusiasm to sports stadium architecture to bad quarterbacks.

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