Best Wikipedia Pages

List of Actors Considered for the James Bond Role – This might be a rare instance of Wikipedia being as spurious and poorly fact-checked as it’s reputed to be, but I prefer to imagine that this is totally accurate, and that for a brief moment in our culture’s history, we almost had Hugh Grant as James Bond.

Meta-joke – Nothing is funnier than a humorless list of jokes, each of whose claim to being funny is its own awareness that it isn’t funny.

Profanity in Science Fiction – I can’t tell if this is the most frivolous page on Wikipedia, or the most important social issue of our day. Mostly I just like hearing people soberly weigh the social implications of the word “frak” from Battlestar Galactica.

List of Linguistic Example Sentences – Wikipedia’s standing tribute to the phenomenal weirdness of human language.

List of Alcatraz Escape Attempts – In other words, list of awesome action movies waiting to be made.

List of Films Considered the Worst – Exactly what it sounds like.

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