Friends with Benefits

R viewers older than 27 must NOT be accompanied by a younger adult


A partial list of people you do not want to see this movie with:

  • Your parents
  • Your friends’ parents
  • Anyone you suspect of being or having a parent
  • Old women who like quoting scenes immediately after they happen, regardless of whether the scenes contain colorful euphemisms for genitalia
  • Old women who confer loudly after each scene to make sure they each caught all the colorful euphemisms for genitalia
  • Old women who laugh violently at any reference to genitalia
  • Old women who don’t laugh at all, making you wonder whether they’re too polite to walk out mid-screening, or whether they’re drawing some perverse, silent pleasure from the whole ordeal
  • Any person who is chronologically older than you

Just avoid these pitfalls, and enjoy the best casual-sex-between-friends-themed romantic comedy of the last seven months!

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