The Muppets

PG for fart shoes, puppet electrocution, unflinching portrayal of the difficulties of being green

Release Date: November 23, 2011


Let me tell you a little something about America. Our most important institutions, in order, are these:

  1. “USA” chants
  2. The free press
  3. Potato chips
  4. The Muppets
  5. The rule of law

And if you’re doubting #4, allow me to explain: In my family, the Muppets are royalty. A new Muppet movie is to us what the royal wedding is to British people, with their sadly misplaced priorities.

The million-dollar question is whether Jason Segel – of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, How I Met Your Mother, and a variety of lewd-but-sweet Judd Apatow projects – can rescue the franchise from its downward trajectory since Jim Henson’s death in 1990. I’m hopeful: this is a labor of love for Segel, who stars in the film as a character who loves the Muppets almost as much my sisters and I do.

I’ll refrain from further judgment now. Expect a full-length review in the near future, following my standard format:

  • 7 words for the ADD-afflicted
  • 70 words for the busy
  • 700 words for the procrastinators
  • 7000 words for the Muppet-obsessed

1 thought on “The Muppets

  1. I saw “The Muppets” today and I *loved* it! Amy Adams and Jason Segel did such a great job! And then… the muppets! It made me happy seeing them on the big screen again. Me and my kids laughed so hard through the entire movie! I just wish there was more Gonzo. 🙂

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