Tower Heist

PG-13 for poor stealing from the rich, rich stealing from the poor, super-rich stealing from everybody

Release Date: November 4, 2011

They would’ve scored a lot of points in my book if they’d just given Alan Alda’s character the name “Bernie Madoff.”

Now, I’m sure it’ll be cathartic to see everyman Ben Stiller rob Alan Alda with help from the resurrected Eddie Murphy, who has evidently been in a coma since 2006 –  a dream-filled coma during which his delirious sleep-talking was recorded and used as dialogue for Donkey in the Shrek sequels.

But wouldn’t it be more cathartic to see Ben Stiller rob not a Bernie Madoff surrogate, but Madoff himself? And maybe kill him with a shovel? I’m just thinking out loud here.

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