Trailer: Wrath of the Titans

PG-13 for monster drool, people swinging big sticks, out-of-left-field cover of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics

Release Date: March 30, 2012

Now, to the untrained eye, Wrath of the Titans may be indistinguishable from ImmortalsConan the BarbarianPrince of Persia, 300, and perhaps even Clash of the Titans. But as they say, the untrained eye rests in the socket of a moron.

These movies are vastly different, almost unfathomably different, so drastically different that very soon I’ll stop layering on the intensifying adverbs and describe exactly how different they are.

You want specifics? Oh, these differences transcend specifics. I’ll skip past the facts that the characters have different names, that the films came out on different days, and that they feature several nonoverlapping cast members.

The differences run down to the core. For example, The Immortals sends the message that “Half-humans are better than gods, and gore is awesome,” whereas Wrath of the Titans takes the view that “Gore is awesome, and half-humans are better than gods.” Contrast that with 300′s view that “Allies are for pussies, and gore is awesome,” and you see how this genre consists not of a string of indistinguishably bloody copycat films, but of a vibrant dialogue between conflicting views of Greek mythology, who share no common ground beyond the widely accepted historical truth that gore is awesome.

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